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Redlands Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the outer layer of skin, effectively reducing wrinkles, scars, and discoloration, and improving overall texture and tone. This treatment is ideal for improving your skins appearance, including treating acne, age spots, and sun damage.

Acne Facial

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Our chemical peels offer more than just aesthetic enhancements. Chemical Peels are used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin, fine lines and more!

Enhanced Skin Texture

Our peels refine skin texture, reducing the appearance of pores and smoothing fine lines. Ideal for achieving a silky, luminous complexion.

Targeted Treatment

Customized chemicals to tackle specific skin issues like acne, signs of aging, and pigmentation, promoting a balanced, even skin tone.

Long-Lasting Results

Enjoy enduring benefits with our treatments that not only improve the skin's surface but also enhance its overall health and resilience.

Safe and Controlled

Experience the utmost safety with our professional approach. Each treatment is carefully administered for maximum effectiveness and minimal discomfort.

Peels Available

Oxygen Peel

Choose this for instant revitalization. Ideal for clients with tired, dull skin, seeking a bright, firm appearance. Perfect for a quick refresh and glow before special occasions.

40 Minute Facial   $80

Peptide Peel

Best for anti-aging concerns. Recommended for those aiming to reduce fine lines, improve elasticity, and achieve a youthful, lifted look.

50 Minute Facial   $100

Pumpkin Peel

Ideal for all skin types, especially those needing gentle exfoliation and nourishment. Great for smoothing skin texture and enhancing natural glow.

60 Minute Facial   $120


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